Personal Injury

Accidents happen

We all do our best to protect our loved ones. But even if we take every precaution, we can’t control the behavior of others, whether they be bad actors or simply negligent. I’ve represented clients in need of all kinds of services–from those who have suffered injuries at work to wrongful death cases. I’ve stood strong for my clients in the face of pressure from multi-million-dollar insurance companies to back down, and I’ll do the same for you.

Don’t be cheated

In times of crisis, it’s difficult to make good decisions. In my 10 years of experience, I’ve seen countless people be taken advantage of by insurance companies and fast-handed, “lawyers.” It pains me to see honest, hardworking Texans cheated in their time of greatest need. That’s just one reason I’m proud to offer all of my clients professional, attentive service. Best of all, you’ll sleep much easier knowing that you’re in the care of a reputable legal professional backed by solid credentials.

Want peace of mind? Be prepared

If you’re the proactive type, you recognize the value of having an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional on your side at all times. You want to know that the next time life decides to throw you a curveball, you already have a competent, capable attorney batting for you. A simple phone call can assure that you enjoy the peace of mind that many of my clients do. So why wait? Making an appointment with me is easy. All of my prepaid legal services at are offered at affordable monthly rates, and remember, if you’re a member of the Texas Legal Protection Plan (TLPP), you’ll automatically receive an additional 20% discount on my services, excluding personal injury. For more information about the prepaid services I offer, see my Prepaid Legal Services page.