Family Law

This is one of the toughest times of your life. I believe that compassion and vigorous representation of my clients is not mutually exclusive. I bring my years of litigation skills when representing clients for divorce, child support, actions from the Attorney General’s office or for clients who need to modify or collect child support.



Whether you wish to file or your spouse has filed against you, I can help you through one of the most painful times of your life. While I will advocate for everything you are entitled to, many people do not want to go through protracted, costly litigation. I can help you minimize your costs with an uncontested divorce or with using alternative methods of resolution.


Whether you are filing for divorce, or have had divorce filed against you, I will employ my years of litigation and negotiation experience to ensure that your rights and assets are preserved to the fullest extent allowed by the law.


Actions involving custody and support of children are especially important because your children are the center of your life. I always keep this in mind when representing you in doing when you need what is best for your children done.

Attorney General Actions

Most child support funds go through the Office of the Attorney General’s Child Support Unit.  The Child Support Unit also has the power to assess interest and arrears. They can also request reviews or even miscalculate what you are entitled to receive or obligated to pay. This is to protect the children of the state. But, they are a large bureaucracy and many times they go too far. Oftentimes, the person who pays child support is guilty until proven innocent in the government’s eyes. If you are served with papers from the Attorney General’s office, I can help.


Life changes for people. Unfortunately, in the past couple of years many people have lost their jobs or had to take jobs with a substantial cut in pay. People remarry or have additional children. People also may want to move away or perhaps a parent is no longer able to care for a child. When this happens, in certain circumstances, one can petition the court to change the support or custody arrangement originally put in place. If you wish to do this or you have received notification that the other parent is asking the court for a modification, I can help.


If you have been unable to see your child or you have not received funds to which you are entitled by court order, I can help.  Did you know that a party cannot withhold possession or support just because the other party may be violating what they are supposed to do?  An order is more than the paper it is written on; it is an enforceable legal document.  Let me help you enforce your rights.

SAPCR (Suit Affecting the Parent – Child Relationship)

When parties have a child together, each one has the right to petition for possession, access and support.  Even if you were not married to the other party, you still have complete, enforceable legal rights regarding your child.

Grandparent Rights

There are limited circumstances where grandparents are entitled to visitation and even custody of their grandchild. I can help assess whether you qualify and, if so, I can help you with possession and access to your grandchild.

Name Change

Under certain circumstances, and after a background check, children and adults
can legally change their names. I can assist with this process.